Body Lotion

  • 2023-03-06 04:09:39
  • Hiba Kenaan

Dryness and cracks are among the problems that affect the beauty and shape of the body. Thus, many people, especially women, resort to buying cosmetics that give the body hydration and softness; the most prominent is body lotion.

What is a body lotion?

A body lotion is prepared to be less dense than creams to enable faster and easier absorption by the skin. The high-water content inside a lotion allows its appropriate use to hydrate dry and oily skin.

When to use body lotion

    •    The body lotion is used following a shower. After a warm bath, the skin's pores are open and free of dead cells; as the body is dried well, the lotion is applied to the whole body. Through this process, the body becomes moisturized, and the irritation and redness of the skin after a warm bath have been reduced.
    •    The body lotion is used after exfoliating the skin. After using exfoliating products and washing the body with warm water, the lotion is applied to ensure the hydration and shine of the skin.
    •    The body lotion is used after hair removal. It relieves skin irritation after hair removal because the skin's pores remain numb, so the lotion calms them down and gives them clarity and freshness.
    •    The body lotion is used daily moisturizer when the skin is always dry in the hot summer season. Massaging the body with the lotion daily, especially before bed, gives the skin the perfect comfort for a peaceful sleep.
    •    The baby's body lotion is essential as their skin is sensitive and prone to dryness, so it is better to massage the baby's body with lotion after bathing and at regular times.

How to know the proper body lotion?

Before using body lotion, you should know several tips.
    •    It is essential to choose products of high quality and well-known brands.
    •    Avoid using products that contain dyes that can be harmful to the skin.
    •    When purchasing body lotion, ensure it is suitable to the skin type before using it.
    •    Read the ingredients’ leaflet written on the product before using it, and it is better if the product contains natural ingredients that have no side effects on the skin.

How to prepare a body lotion at home?

Body lotion can be prepared at home from natural remedies through the following steps:
    •    Mix 4 teaspoons sodium bicarbonate, four teaspoons bentonite, and one teaspoon salt in a small container.
    •    Add ¼ cup of water gradually while stirring to form a paste.
    •    Add one teaspoon of glycerin and 5 to 10 drops of aromatic oil, mix the ingredients well, and store them in an airtight glass container.
    •    Take a teaspoon of the mixture, add an appropriate amount of water to make it in the form of lotion, and apply it to the whole body when needed.