Black Heads and Their Solution

  • 2023-03-06 04:04:02
  • Hiba Kenaan

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are acne from dead skin and excessive oil secretions that accumulate in the pores.
Blackheads look like black dots on the skin and are common in adolescents due to hormonal changes.
Several factors may increase the development of blackheads, including:
    •    Excessive production of sebum in the epidermis
    •    Accumulation of bacteria and dirt on the skin
    •    Hormonal changes that cause an increase in sebum production, mainly during adolescence, during menstruation, and while taking birth control pills
    •    Taking some medications like corticosteroids
    •    Full-Fat dairy products may increase fat in the skin, increasing the chance of blackheads appearing.

Blackheads Treatment

Blackheads can be treated in several ways; this includes some OTC products like:
    •    The salicylic acid cleanser helps in removing dead skin, preventing pores from clogging
    •    Benzoyl Peroxide gel helps in killing bacteria that clog pores and form blackheads
    •    Topical Retinoids gel helps in dissolving dead skin and prevents pores from clogging
You can also remove blackheads at home using some natural remedies like:
    •    Water steam helps open the pores and soften dead skin and dirt, reducing the formation of blackheads
    •    Tomato has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help you remove blackheads. Blend a tomato and apply it to the affected area, leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse with water. You can repeat this remedy three times weekly.
    •    A baking Soda mask helps you in peeling the skin and removing blackheads. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with a small amount of water to form a paste and place it on the affected area, mainly the nose. Massage it gently and leave it to dry, then rinse with warm water. Repeat this remedy twice weekly.
    •    Egg white peel mask helps you in removing blackheads. In a bowl, split egg white from the yolk and stir it well, then apply a thin layer of egg white to the affected area. Apply a layer of paper towel over the egg white, then apply another layer of egg white over the paper towel and wait until it dries. Remove the mask and wash your face with warm water when it dries.

How to Prevent Prevent Blackheads Formation?

A skincare routine is essential in preventing the formation of blackheads on your face. Here are some of the tips to follow to prevent blackheads:
    •    Wash your face every morning and evening with warm water and cleanser to reduce oil accumulation in pores
    •    Exfoliate your skin at least one time per week to remove dead skin and thus prevent pores from clogging
    •    Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet
    •    Use oil-free moisturizers
    •    Avoid using skin care products that clog pores